Recipe: ciambelle al vino


Ingredients for 100 “ciambelle”:

  • flour: 500gr
  • sugar: 200gr
  • wine white or red: 125gr
  • seeds oil: 160gr
  • yeast
  • pinch of salt

his is a traditional Italian cookie, more typical in Rome area. Pour all ingredients into a bowl and mix. In the end the dough should be soft and sticks to your fingers just a little. Form small long cylinders about 10/12 cm and close to donut, pass a side of cookies in the sugar pressing slightly to adhere sugar on the dough.

Prepare the baking tin that have a dark color with a dusting of flour. Arrange the donuts and pout in the solar oven with a temperature of 170 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

In this case, like for any kind of food that dry during his cooking, it is important a dusting of flour over the black backing tin, or it is also possible to use a grey backing tin like the nonstick made by rocks, now quite spread on the market. In this way you may balance the cooking on the upper side of the food comparing to the bottom side. We know infact black absorb more sun.