Recipe: ciambelle al vino 9 December 2016

   Ingredients for 100 “ciambelle”: flour: 500gr sugar: 200gr wine white or red: 125gr seeds oil: 160gr yeast pinch of salt This is a traditional Italian cookie, more typical in Rome area. Pour all ingredients into a bowl and mix. In the end the dough should be soft and sticks to your fingers just a little. Form small long cylinders about 10/12 cm and close to donut, pass a side of cookies in the sugar pressing slightly to adhere sugar…

Video Helio 9 December 2016

We publish a video of Helio tested with a thermometer and a chronometer where it is possible to see the speed  of the rising temperature inside the oven (200 degrees in 14 minutes!). This video has been recorder in Rome on  Ottobre 29th, during a clean sky day. The thermometer probe is inside the oven in the middle of the support plane for the pan.  

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